Lyle Albrecht - Feb-Mar 2015

Starting Saturday February14, 2015 at 7:00 pm, we will be hosting a series by Pastor Lyle Albrecht.  It is called Prophetic Signs, and will cover topics that include the Middle East in prophecy, our fragile world economy, and how Bible prophecy predicts our day.  Lyle Albrecht is a dynamic, personal speaker, and has degrees in communications, history, and theology.  He has studied Bible prophecy extensively, especially focusing on Daniel and Revelation.  Lyle has visited 55 countries and toured the Middle East where he observed firsthand the explosive situation there.  This seminar is absolutely free.  What a great Valentines present it would make!

You can prepare for these meetings by starting a small group Bible study, and then invite your whole group.  You can share these meetings with your friends, or co-workers.  Be excited about them, its contagious.  People can sense your motivation and it will motivate them.  You can also prepare by praying for the meetings, and the people you might invite.  Pray for God's Spirit to pour out on Roseburg!  This is going to be an exciting event, I pray that everyone God could bring to hear this Bible truth will have an opportunity before the end comes.